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Frequently asked questions and answers 
  • What events will you be attending?
    All BVML scheduled events can be found on the Events Calendar
  • Where will you be located at the event?
    While attending racing events with same start/finish locations, BVML will generally be near the event registration location. Races with separate start/finish locations BVML will begin at the start location then move to the finish location. During arena and stadium events BVML will be near main entry/exit location.
  • How early before and late after the event will you be available?
    BVML will be onsite 1.5 hours prior to and 1 hour after the event
  • What size locker rentals do you offer?
    BVML offers 4 various-sized lockers for the renter’s convenience. (See descriptions on main page)
  • Can I reserve a locker for my event in advance?
    Yes. Pre-event reservation is preferred to ensure locker availability.
  • Can I still rent a locker on site if I didn’t reserve in advance?
    Yes, pending availability after pre-event reservations
  • How safe is my property in your lockers?
    All property is secured with 4-digit electronic locks, video surveillance and retired law enforcement/military personnel
  • Are the lockers associated with Law Enforcement?
    No. Although employees have L.E./military experience, BVML is NOT associated with any specific agency
  • What happens if I lose my entry bracelet?
    No problem. Just provide your security code answer you established during reservation procedure and entry will be granted
  • What happens if I don’t retrieve my property before close of business?
    Every effort will be made to return property left behind using the address and method of payment provided at reservation. Should unforeseen circumstances prohibit property from being returned at renter’s expense, BVML will donate property after a 30-day holding period


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