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We understand planning a marathon, mud run, bicycle race or any other event means having many forms of logistics to be concerned about. Handling everything from establishing a date, times, location, routes, registration and much more can be stressful and time consuming. Considering the many moving parts, it’s not always easy to find someone to delegate and ensure things will be taken care of properly. Mistakes in the planning process can cause major problems and delays for the event’s timeline. We also understand the participant’s concerns for the security of their personal property while attending an event.


At Blue Vet Mobile Lockers we are your solution for personal storage and ensure your worries and stress regarding Bag Check are put to rest creating a total peace of mind for you and all event goers. We provide a mobile locker service and excel in personal property protection. We have an amazing and skilled staff of retired law enforcement and military personnel working for us, who leave no room for disappointment in either you or the customers. We would be glad to offer you our services for your next event.


Contact us now for additional information, date availability, event fees and scheduling.


At Blue Vet Mobile Lockers we understand the importance of providing the safest venue possible for spectators, staff, athletes, entertainers and employees during ALL events taking place in your venue. As a result policies and procedures have been established to ensure safety, however they have also created inconveniences to both you and the patrons attracted to your events.


We understand the necessity of providing a customer friendly relationship between the public and your organizations. We would be happy to ease your burden of Bag Check responsibility by providing personal storage solutions for your guests when personal items don’t meet entrance protocols.


Contact us now for additional information, date availability, event fees and scheduling.


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