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Blue Vet Mobile Lockers is an Arizona-based company created as a solution for coordinators, event-goers, participants and spectators alike, for personal property storage during events such as Marathons, Mud Runs, Concerts, Action Sports and Professional/Amateur Sporting Events. Mobile locker rental trucks travel to your event throughout Arizona and beyond.


The company is owned and operated by a 24+ year law enforcement officer and Marine Corps veteran dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure location for event participants to leave their personal belongings which they couldn’t take into an event venue or wish to secure while participating in an event.


“During my career in law enforcement, I’ve witnessed many years of frustration for event-goers as they’ve been told time and time again they couldn’t bring personal items into a venue for safety reasons. Many times it was a valuable woman’s purse or an out-of-town visitor’s baggage. As a result, they would have to walk long distances and return the items back to their vehicles, which would end up being stolen as the vehicle was burglarized and damaged after they had been observed leaving the item. Or they’d try to hide the items somewhere hoping they’d still be there after the event as they had taken an Uber, Lyft, or other means of transportation and had no vehicle to return their items. I’ve also witnessed marathon runners having either insufficiently safe procedures or no options at all when it came to storing their car keys, wallets, and cell phones during their runs. I created the company as a way to eliminate theft, property damage, inconvenience, and provide a safer option for event-goers, coordinators, and venue managers as it relates to personal storage solutions.”

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